We are a family involved in growing oranges and clementines for more than one hundred years. Our orange groves are located in the orange growing localities of Almassora and Burriana, in the Vaņencian Comunity, less than one kilometer from the Mediterranean sea, giving rise to our company name "Naranjas del Mediterráneo".

Many of you will ask why we have decided to take the step of selling our products through internet. For many seasons, despite the enormous quality of our products, due to pressure from distributors and supermarket chains, we have been forced to sell below production cost. At the same time the consumer has been paying in the shops a final price that is more than 500% than what the producer has been paid.

We offer oranges and clementines of an excellent quality, picked at the exact moment of ripening, without any chemical treatment or refrigeration, and delivered directly to the client's home from our oranges groves. In conclusion we simply offer oranges and clementines to be enjoyed with the maximum level of taste and freshness. © 2011  |   Legal Conditions  |   Terms of Purchase